IPMI is represented with two publications at the Portland International Center for Management of Engineering and Technology  (PICMET) Conference 2019.

The topic of the conference is "Technology Management in the World of Intelligent Systems". Artificial Intelligence, robotics, autonomous cars, drones, the IoT (Internet of Things), and the application of these intelligent technologies to nano-materials, energy, medicine and other industries are rapidly changing the world we live in. The future of society, economy and industry will be radically different from the present.Proper technology management includes the management of not only the technical system, but also the economic, environmental, social, political, legal, ethical and regulatory aspects of technology.

Mr Bruens and Mr Moehrle used semantic analysis to examine the similarity between claims and descriptions of blockchain patents. Mr. Denter, Mr. Caferoglu and Mr. Moehrle used Dynamic Topic Modeling to investigate the evolution of RFID technology.

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