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Unless specified otherwise in the examination schedule, the following registration and deregistration dates apply


 Winter SemesterSummer Semester


10.12. - - 30.06


10.12. - - 30.06


Please note that the examination schedule is subject to amendment. Please keep yourself regularly informed.

If you cannot log in or out via PABO, it could be due to the following points:

- Module results are still pending from the Faculties (please contact the module leader)

  • You have already passed the module (please check in PABO)
  • The registration and deregistration phases differ (see examination schedule)
  • You are not enrolled for the degree program

If registration is still not possible, then please contact the respective Administrative Office the Central Examination Office immediately.

In case of technical problems within the PABO portal contact us immediately and still during the registration phase via this form.

If the examinee falls ill within 6 weeks before the deadline for submitting a written assignment, the course/module leader can grant an extension of the deadline of up to two weeks from presentation of a doctor’s certificate; maximum, however, for as many days as the sick leave applies. In the event of sickness exceeding 2 weeks, a default will be recorded. In this case, the student has to register for the next appointment and write a new assignment (with a new topic!).

If you are a student in the 5th semester, please note that the internship is treated as a module exam, which means that registration and withdrawal dates and deadlines must be observed. The module is assessed as either passed or failed. The certificate of internship counts as proof and must be submitted to Ms. Heitzhausen in the Practice Office.

Bachelor Board of Examiners

  • Prof. Dr. Henning Schmidt-Semisch (Chairman)
  • Prof. Dr. Gabriele Bolte (Vice Chairwoman)
  • Prof. Dr. Benjamin Schüz
  • Dr. Oliver Lange (Research Assistant)
  • Jannik Reinecke (Student Representative)

Contact Person in the ZPA

Administrative Office Faculty 11

  • Maria Frerichs-Bielefeld
  • Mike Janssen

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