Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Peter Maaß

Bild Peter Maaß

Working group leader
Speaker of the Research Training Group π³

Bibliothekstraße 5
28359 Bremen

Office: MZH 2250
Phone: +49 0421 218-63801

Research areas

  • Inverse problems
  • Machine learning
  • Image and signal processing in life sciences
  • Computational engineering
  • System theory and parameter identification


Speaker of the Research Training Group π³ - Parameter Identification – Analysis, Algorithms, Applications

Project manager for the following ongoing research projects:

  • AGENS - Analytic-generative networks for system identification
  • Design-KIT - Artificial intelligence in mechanical component development
  • DIAMANT - Digital image analysis and imaging mass spectrometry for differentiation of non-small cell lung cancer
  • HYDAMO - Hybrid data-driven and model-based simulation of complex flow problems in the automotive industry
  • KIDOHE - AI-supported documentation for midwives

  • MALDISTAR - Study on quality assessment, standardization and reproducibility of MALDI imaging mass spectrometry data
  • MarDATA - Machine learning in climate modelling
  • MarDATA - Monitoring a stressed ice shelf: Machine learning algorithms to detect icequakes in 20 years of seismological records at Neumayer station, antarctica
  • MarDATA - Robust Machine Learning applied to Stratospheric Chemistry Models
  • ML-X-RAY - Machine learning and X-ray technology for measuring inhomogeneous cable and pipe products

  • Inverse problems - Theories, methods and implementations
  • ROMSOC - Reduced Order Modelling, Simulation and Optimization of Coupled Systems
  • SPAplus - Small Data problems in digital pathology