Prof. Dr. Wöhrle

  • Low molecular and oligomeric metal complexes /
    Mono-, di- and trinuclear phthalocyanines
  • Low molecular and oligomeric metal complexes /
    Macrocylic metal complexes with electron withdrawing or donating groups
  • Polymer metal complexes
  • Materials for organic electronics a. Organic solar cells
  • Photobiological applications of metal complexes
  • Catalysis and photocatalysis
  • Previous research topics


Education1967: PhD, Fritz-Haber-Institut Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Berlin
1971: Habilition, Freie Universität Berlin
1971: Assistant professor
1975: Full professor
2004: Retired
Professional Experiences

Around 400 scientific papers, reviews and books.

Synthesis: Low molecular weight and polymeric metal complexes and dyestuffs; materials for organic electronics

Investigations: Organic photovoltaic cells, photoelectrochemical cells, solar photochemistry, catalysis, photodynamic therapy, optical properties of dyes.

Responsibilities as Scientist

Renewable energy like solar energy.

Misuse of chemistry as, for example, in the development and use of chemical weapons.


Macomolecular Chemistry

Material Science: Functional organic molecules


1999: International Award on Macromolecular Metal Complexes.

2004: Life-Time Linstead Award on Phthalocyanine Chemistry.

Guest professor in Japan and Russia.

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