The MA International Relations is a research-oriented postgraduate program. Therefore, the curriculum puts particular emphasis on both theories and methodology.  MAIR courses are also strongly informed by our faculty's own research experience and findings. The program aims at preparing students for further research within and outside academia.



First Semester

Foundations of Global Politics

Foundations of Social Theory

Methods of Social Science

Second Semester

Theorizing Social and Political Phenomena

Examining Global Political Dynamics

Analyzing International Policies

Third Semester

Research Design

Research Internship (optional)

Study Abroad (optional)

Fourth Semester

MA thesis (+ supporting seminar)


In the first semester, students deepen their familiarity with the history and the present of International Relations, delve into core topics, arguments, and paradigms of contemporary social theory, and revisit the ever-growing toolbox of the quantitative and qualitative methods of social science.

Building on these foundations, in the second semester, students specialize by choosing modules and seminars that further explore issues of political and social theories relevant to international relations, address the variety of global and regional social dynamics that underlie (changes in) present-day world politics, or focus on the attempts by state and non-state actors to institute a measure of global governance in diverse policy areas.

In the third semester, students further broaden their horizon either by leaving Bremen for a semester abroad or a research internship or by taking additional courses in other Master’s programs at the University of Bremen (e.g. MA Political Science, MA European Politics, or MA Social Policy). The semester starts and ends with a two-part block seminar on “Research Design”, helping students to prepare their Master’s thesis.

In the fourth semester, finally, students write their Master’s thesis while attending a supporting Thesis Seminar offering them an opportunity to share and discuss interim results of their ongoing thesis work with their peers as well as faculty.

The course catalog of the MA International Relations can be found here.

Key Facts

Start date: mid-October

Duration: 2 years full-time

Tuition fee: None

Application: 1 December through 1 February

Program contact: mairprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

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