Course Catalogue

A complete compilation of the university timetables, including past time periods, can be viewed on the website at the general timetable website. You may find also previous programmes of lectures.


Winter Semester 2023/24

Start of term: 1st October 2023End of term: 31st. March 2024
Start of lectures: 16th October 2023End of lectures: 2nd February 2024

Holidays: 23rd December 2023 - 5th January 2024


Summer Semester 2023

Start of term: 1st April 2023End of term: 30th September 2023
Start of lectures: 11th April 2020End of lectures: 14th July 2020


Winter Semester 2022/23

Start of term: 1st October 2022End of term: 31st. March 2023
Start of lectures: 17th October 2022End of lectures: 3rd February 2023

Holidays: 23rd December 2022 - 5th January 2023