Political Science Bachelor (Major/ Minor Subject)

This study programme is aimed at all students whose professional aim lies outside the teaching profession and who wish to study Political Science as part of a 2-subject Bachelor's degree.

In the two-subject bachelor's programme, students enrol in a second subject in addition to Political Science.

The study programmes differ mainly in the scope of the methodological training and the possibilities for specialisation in the compulsory elective area. If the two-subject bachelor's degree is studied with a non-school-based professional aim, Political Science can be studied as a profile subject (2/3 of the course) or as a complementary subject (1/3 of the course).

The programme (duration of study 6 semesters) introduces students to the basics of the classical subareas of political science (political system of the Federal Republic of Germany, political theory, European integration, comparison of political systems, international relations and policy analysis). Not only is factual knowledge imparted in the sense of political science, but students are introduced to political science theories and methods, in order to explain and better understand politics in different political systems.

Further information on studying abroad can be found under International.

**Please note that our BA programmes require German language proficiency.**