Examination Procedure

General Information on Examinations in the Political Science Bachelor Programmes

Online registration for examinations via PABO and examination regulations

Online registration for exams via the Central Examination Office Bremen Online (PABO)

You must register online via PABO for all examinations in the compulsory/mandatory and elective/optional areas within specified periods of time. You will receive the necessary access data from the Central Examination Office after your enrolment. Without registration your examination results cannot be entered in PABO! Via PABO you can generate an overview of your examination results (Transcript of Records) at any time. PABO login and important forms are available on the website of the Central Examination Office (ZPA).

Registration in the compulsory and elective area via PABO: Please note the information on the homepage of the Central Examination Office, which include important deadlines regarding the registration and deregistration of examinations. The specific examination dates are announced in due time on the ZPA homepage, by e-mail distribution list and under "Examination dates".

You have five semesters to pass each (partial) examination, including the semester of your first registration. As there is one examination attempt offered in each semester, you have five examination attempts for each examination registered via PABO. If no result is entered in PABO within the five-semester period, you will be exmatriculated because you have not passed the exam! It is therefore your responsibility to keep an eye on the examination periods that apply to you. If failures are not entered in PABO in time, you cannot register for repeat examinations. If results are not entered by the teacher by mid-May (results from the winter semester) or by mid-November (results from the summer semester), please contact the teacher or the student counseler immediately!

Exception: General Studies and compulsory internship in the BA Political Science 1-subject Bachelor and 2-subject Bachelor with subject profile: no registration via PABO!

For exams that you take within the framework of General Studies (supplementary studies) you need a certification of achievement, which you can find in the PABO portal under the general forms. General Studies exams and the compulsory extracurricular internship are NOT registered via PABO. (Exception: online courses which are completed with an examination within the framework of E-General Studies). You will find more details under your course of studies under "General Studies" and "Internship".