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IPW Working Paper Series

About the Working Paper Series

The working paper series of the Institute of Political Science (IPW) enables the publication of excellent student papers, seminar results, or contributions on university didactics, which originated as part of a course of the Institute of Political Science. The working papers can explore topics related to political science broadly defined, from a theoretical, empirical, interdisciplinary and/or didactic perspective.

Authors of the working papers may be students, instructors, or students and instructors together. The peer review process will be carried out by experts from the Institute of Political Science.

Students and instructors from all study programs of the Institute of Political Science and in all stages of their studies/careers may submit a paper. Contributions may be written in German or English.

You can send us your working papers via email (cbonoraprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de) at any time (they will be selected on a rolling basis).

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Please submit your working paper as a Word document.

Please adhere to the following formal criteria:

  • Cover sheet with the following information: Name and last name of all authors; title of the paper; course in which the paper was written.
  • Line spacing in the text 1½ lines, single-spaced in the footnotes.
  • Font size: Times New Roman, 12 pt, in footnotes 10 pt (or equivalent).
  • Margins: right and left 3 cm, top and bottom 2.5 cm
  • Page numbers at the bottom right (cover page is not numbered)
  • Justification, hyphenation
  • Tables and graphs in the text must be numbered consecutively
  • Bibliography at the end of the text according to the specifications of the compendium

Adherence to the rules of correct citation is required (see Compendium, pp. 19-28).

No maximum length is given, it may vary depending on the format.

You can propose an academic from the Institute of Political Science to review your paper.