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Studying Abroad

IPW fosters international student exchange. The main focus here is on the Erasmus+ Program, which enables students to spend one or two semesters studying at a European partner university. With altogether 44 partner universities in Northern, Central, Western and Southern Europe, IPW offers a wide spectrum of possibilities for Erasmus student exchange. Students on bachelor’s as well as master’s degree programs can participate in student exchange. And students on the master’s program “Complex Decision Making” and the MA “International Relations” can also apply for a student exchange place through IPW.

Information Event »Study Abroad« on 29 November 2021

All students who are considering st abroad in the winter semester 2022/23 or summer semester 2023 should attend an information event on 29 November 2021 at 6:00 pm.

The event will take place in room SFG 0150.

If your are not able to atted the meeting in person, you can also participate via Zoom:

The Erasmus coordinators of Political Science and Sociology as well as a representative of the International Office will provide information about the different possibilities to study abroad or do an internship abroad and answer questions.

Erasmus Kooperationen des IPW
[Translate to English:] Erasmus Kooperationen des IPW


With the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, students can spend one or two semesters at a European partner university of the IPW. Core features of the programme are a waiver of tuition fees at the partner university and the payment of a mobility grant to all participants. A prerequisite for a stay at a specific university via Erasmus+ is that an agreement exists between the study programmes of the home university and the partner university. In the download area you will find a list of all partner universities with which the IPW has such an agreement. In addition, the contact persons and websites of the respective institutes of the partner universities are listed on the Partner Universities page for more detailed information.

Both BA and MA Political Science students can participate in an exchange via Erasmus+. MA students of the MA Complex Decision Making and the MA International Relation can also apply for places at the IPW. In the list of partner universities (in the download area) you will find information about how many places are available for Bachelor and Master students at the respective university.

An Erasmus exchange is possible for a period of one or two semesters in each study period. Applications are due by 15 February each year for a study visit in the following academic year (winter and summer semester).

To apply, you must register at the Mobility Online Portal of the International Office. In addition, you have to send all required documents by e-mail to the Erasmus representative of the IPW, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Haunss ( These documents include

  • a letter of motivation (in English!),
  • a curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • language certificates and transcripts of grades.

Selection is based on the letter of motivation and previous academic achievements.

For a detailed overview of the application process, please see the Application Process Checklist (Checkliste Bewerbungsverfahren) in the download area.
Feedback on the allocation of places is usually provided by mid-March.

More detailed information about our exchange universities can be found in the testimonials of former exchange students. The International Office also provides further general information about a stay abroad with Erasmus+.

Information on the recognition of study achievements abroad can be found in the Erasmus Study Abroad FAQ in the download area.


Partnerships outside Europe & Freemovers

The IPW maintains additional partnerships outside Europe in Shanghai and Seoul.

On the webpages of the International Office you will also find information about studying abroad outside the EU. Current information and dates for studying abroad (application deadlines, special programmes, etc.) are regularly made available in the News section of the IPW homepage.

As a »Freemover« you can organize a stay at a university abroad on your own. Courses attended there can be recognised in the same way as in the Erasmus+ programme. For questions about this form of study abroad, please also contact the IPW’s Erasmus coordinator, Sebastian Haunss.


Study abroad in the MA Social Policy

In the MA Social Policy outstanding students can spend a semester at the Center for European Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the USA. Also, the MA Social Policy at the University of Bremen, together with the Università degli Studi di Milano, has developed a double-degree programme which is offered since the winter semester 2015/16. The double-degree students spend one year in Bremen and one year in Milan and receive two Master’s degrees. The programme offers an interdisciplinary education in the field of European labour relations with a special focus on Germany and Italy. For more information, please contact the Erasmus Coordinator of the MA Social Policy, Anna Hokema.



For further questions, please use the office hours of the Erasmus coordinator of the Institute of Political Science, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Haunss (e-mail:, office hours during the lecture period: Wednesdays 11-12 a.m., please register in StudIP for an  appointment).

For questions about studying abroad outside Europe and studying abroad as a »free mover«, please also contact Prof. Dr. Sebastian Haunss.