The Institute for Political Science (IPW) is part of the Faculty of Social Science at the University of Bremen and organizes the undergraduate and graduate study program of Political Science. The research activities, however, are coordinated by various research institute and centers clustering around questions of European and international politics on the one hand, and dynmics of social policy and modern welfare states on the other hand:

  • InIIS (Institute for Intercultural and International Studies)
  • SOCIUM (Research Center on Inequality and Social Policy)
  • CRC 1342: Global Dynamics of Scoial Policy
  • Research Center "Gesellschaftlicher Zusammenalt"

Our members also cooperate with other research institutes including:

  • WoC (Worlds of Contadiction)
  • artec (Sustainibility Research Center)
  • ZeMKI (Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research)
  • HWK (Hanse Wissenschafts Kolleg/Institute for advanced sudies)

For conducting PhD research in Political Science at the University of Bremen, the Bremen International Graduate School of the Social Sciences (BIGSSS) provides helpful support and different workshops.

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