Prof. Dr. Philipp Genschel (University of Bremen)

Dr. Roy Karadag (University of Bremen) 

Prof. Dr. Kerstin Martens (University of Bremen)

Prof. Dr. Peter Mayer (University of Bremen)

Dr. Dennis Niemann (University of Bremen)

Prof. Dr. Martin Nonhoff (University of Bremen)

Dr. Berenike Prem (University of Bremen)

Prof. Dr. Wiebke Rabe (University of Bremen) 

Prof. Dr. Klaus Schlichte (University of Bremen, Program Chair)

Dr. Philipp Schulz (University of Bremen)

Dr. Anna Wolkenhauer (University of Bremen)


IR Research in Bremen

The MA International Relations is a research oriented program. Thus, MAIR courses are strongly informed by the instructor's own research experience and findings. We encourage our students to engage with ongoing research on international relations at the University of Bremen and to participate in the intellectual and social life of the university.

Our faculty members work on a broad range of research fields including armed conflict, international organizations, state-formation and international intervention, global political economy, social policy, global governance, political theory, gender dynamics, development and international law. They approach these topics from different theoretical angles and apply a wide range of research methods including quantitative analysis, interviews, discourse analysis and ethnography. IR research in Bremen is also strongly connected to neighboring disciplines such as sociology and history.

Below you find a list of relevant Bremen-based research institutions that regularly organize academic events (talks, colloquia, workshops, conferences). These institutions, quite frequently, also offer student research assistant positions that might be of interest for MAIR students.


Key Facts

Start date: mid-October

Duration: 2 years full-time

Tuition fee: None

Application: 1 December through 1 February

Program contact: mairprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

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