The lecture series is open for students, researchers and the general public alike that are interested in the broad field of energy studies. The many facets of energy-related issues and how a wide range of disciplines approaches these is at the core of the lectue series.
A wide range of disciplines including for example engineering, mathematics, economics, or social sciences will introduce how their discipline conceptualizes and approaches the issues that future energy systems face.

Online seminar via Zoom Tuesdays, 4-6 pm Access via the following link:


October, 25th

Johanna Myrzik: BEST Introduction and Future Electricity Networks

November, 1nd

Andreas Fischer: Wind turbines: Challenges of on-site research

November, 08th

Sergio Contreras: Microgrids as part of future power systems: How to solve the microgrids’ planning problem from current deployment challenges

November, 15th

Tobias Wendler: The historical co-evolution of the energy system, society and the economy

November, 22rd

Malin Lachmann: Optimization Techniques in Energy Applications

November, 29th

Nando Kaminski:  Power Semiconductor Devices – a Key Component for Renewable Energies

December, 06th

Matthias Burwinkel: Renewable energy systems in productions

December, 13th

Sven Kerzenmacher: Microbes & Electrons – Can Biotechnology Contribute to Energy Transition?

December, 20th

Jan Wenske:Offshore wind energy in Germany - challenges and opportunities

Christmas break

January, 10th

Torben Stührmann: The socio-technical transformation of the steel industry in Bremen - dealing with uncertainty

January, 17th

Julian Schwenzel (IFAM): Next Generation Batteries: Recent Advances and design strategies

January, 24th

Stefanie Baasch: Energy conflicts and justice
January, 31stRainer Fechte-Heinen: Sustainability and energy efficiency in the metal producing and processing industry