The lecture series is open to students, researchers and the general public alike who are interested in the broad field of energy studies. The many facets of energy-related issues and how a wide range of disciplines approaches these is at the core of the lecture series.
A wide range of disciplines including for example engineering, mathematics, economics, or social sciences will introduce how their discipline conceptualizes and approaches the issues that future energy systems face.

On-site Seminar – Language, English
Tuesdays, 4-6 pm
University of Bremen, Bibliothekstraße 1, NW2 / A4090, 
D-28359 Bremen, Germany



October, 17th

Johanna Myrzik: BEST Introduction and future electricity networks
 October, 24th Sergio Contreras: Planning of future energy systems: How to solve the planning problem from current deployment challenges
October, 31st


November, 07th Andreas Fischer: Wind turbines: Challenges of on-site research

November, 14th

Amir Ebrahimi: The role and challenges of drive systems in times of energy and 
technology transitions

November, 21th

Malin Lachmann: Optimization techniques in energy applications
 November, 28th Nando Kaminski: Power semiconductor devices – a key component for renewable 
December, 05thMatthias Burwinkel: Renewable energy systems in productions
December, 12thSven Kerzenmacher: Microbes & Electrons – Can biotechnology contribute to energy transition?
 December, 19thRainer Fechte-Heinen: Sustainability and energy efficiency in the metal producing and 
processing industry

Christmas break

January, 09th

Torben Stührmann: The socio-technical transformation of the steel industry in Bremen -
dealing with uncertainty

January, 16th

Julian Schwenzel: Next generation batteries: Recent advances and design strategies

January, 23th

Jan Wenske: Offshore wind energy in Germany - challenges and opportunities
January, 30stStefanie Baasch: Towards an integrative understanding of multiple energy justices

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