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Bastian Dänekas

Bastian Dänekas

Arbeitsgruppe Digitale Medien
MZH, Raum 5120
Bibliothekstr. 5
D-28359 Bremen


Tel: +49 421 218-64425



Curriculum Vitae

Bastian Dänekas is a research associate in the Digital Media Group at the Technology Center for Computer Science and Information Technology (TZI) at the University of Bremen. His research interests include exergames and entertainment computing (EC), computer science in sports, feedback systems, and motion analysis in weight training. His focus is on applying machine learning methods to motion data recorded using different sensors.

He studied computer science at the University of Bremen from 2014. During this time, he dealt with topics from human-technology interaction and dedicated his bachelor thesis to the usability analysis of an interaction system for dementia patients.

In his master's program, Bastian specialized in computer science in sports, especially in the area of exercise support and analysis in weight training. In his master's thesis, he investigated whether a single inertial measurement unit (IMU) built into a smartphone is sufficient for analyzing the execution quality of a push-up. Building on this research, he has been working on his PhD since November 2020.

Research Areas

  • Exergames
  • Feedbacksystems in weight lifting
  • Computer science in sports

Possible Thesis Topics

At the moment I am not able to supervise more theses

Below are some examples of thesis topics I offer at the moment. However it is always possible to come up with your own idea if the topic does fit into my research area. If you want to be supervised me you also should know about basic machine learning concepts, Unity Development, study design in HCI and be interested in sports science.

Possible thesis topics:

  • The virtual feedback space - Exploring a VR setting for exercise feedback
  • Recognition of exhausted movement - Measuring exhaustion with inertial measurement units
  • The input space of smartwatches - Exploring the input space of smartwatches to assign a health status for a user