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Jessica Birkholz and Jarina Kühn present a poster at the Cognitive Economics Conference

The Cognitive Economics Virtual Conference of the Cognitive Economics Society took place on July 09 and 10, 2020. It was attended by international speakers and 500 participants from all over the world and discussed latest research results.

Jessica Birkholz and Jarina Kühn from the research group “Innovation and Structural Economics” were actively involved with their interdisciplinary research project. They presented a poster on the topic "It all starts in your head - Institutional change through corona crisis impacting entrepreneurship perception" and discussed with the conference participants. Their research project deals with the question of whether and to what extent the corona crisis leads to a change in the perception of entrepreneurship and, as a consequence, to a change in informal institutions. In order to analyze this empirically, they apply a mixed-method approach with qualitative and quantitative questionnaire items and a quasi-experiment.