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KRAM – The college & its council

Since 1994, the college of all academic employees  –  KAM – stands for a representation of  genuin interests of all non-professoral academic staff members at the University of Bremen. Contact persons are the members of the colleg's council, KRAM.

The college and its council speak up for a strengthening of academic employees and their equal participation in developments and decisions in tertiary education politics. KRAM stands for the representation of interests in light of free expression of opinion and consensus-building, sharing of information, and the coordination as well as support of the cooperation as academic employees. This is done in concert with officials and boards of the university.


Attention: pandemic justified contract extensions

Pandemic justified contract extensions, application see:

Der Universitäts-Boulevard mit dem GW 2 im Hintergrund.


Dr. Sylke Meyerhuber (chair- & spokesperson)
Email: kramprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de