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Meeting of the university lecturers once a term

By request of university lecturers, KRAM organises once a term a meeting of lecturers, accompanied by a KRAM spokesperson and a member of the staff representatives council. Additionally, there is an all lecturers including, closed Stud.IPforum for lecturers.

If you are a university lecturer, please log yourself in into this Stud.IP forum. If in proximity to you a lecturer is employed, tell them about the forum or/and log them in. Only together the list/contacts stay true.

In the Stud.IP documents area you find interesting papers concerning the lecturer's role and former meetings.

In the Wiki of the Stud.IP forum, the next upcomming meeting (1 per term) is organised. Who plans to partake is ask politely to put their name on the list there. Additionally, wishes for topics are welcome upfront. KRAM-spokesperson Sylke facilitates the meeting, if questions occur contact her via kram@uni-bremen.

The legal framework is also very important for lecturers; see the Higher Education Act of Bremen (constituted on March 5, 2019).

15th meeting of university lecturers: Wedn (day follows) 2020, 10-12h (room follows)

Participants register with their name the" Stud.IP Lektor*innen-Forum": Wiki in Stud.IP, thank you!

Wishes for topics can be noted there or communicated directly to Dr. Sylke Meyerhuber as facilitator (  As staff counsil representative, Dr. Malte Hesse will partake. Thank you and have a good term!