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KAM & KRAM – Staff Associataion and its Council

KRAM members take active part in the self-administration of the university: KRAM members are elected from the body of KAM into the academic senate, conduct regular talks with rector and the director of finance and administration, partake in surveys among employees and support developmental projects within the university.

Options of participation as KRAM

  • ...are rooted in democratic opinion-forming and decision-making. In difference to lawfully regulated staff representatives the conduct of KRAM is based on diplomacy "at the securing rope of constructive dialogue"; in accordance with a historically grown culture of communication within the University of Bremen.
  • Members of the Academic Staff Council (KRAM) work continuously since 1994 in favour of matters of interest of academic staff at the Unversity of Bremen. Not always is a larger group of academic employees elected into the lawfully regulated body of staff representatives. KRAM secures continuity of this perspective. Therefore, traditionally staff representatives and the central gender representative are cooperating closely with KRAM.
  • In KRAM, elected and interested representatives of the academic staff from possibly all departments and central scientific unites at the University of Bremen network for their common goals.
  • KRAM motto since its foundation in 1994: "We do our stuff ourselves" ... but just not alone! Only distributed across several shoulders we can master a lot - partake!
  • KAM  membership until 1999 automatically with contract, since then by membership declaration. Learn more about the Academic Staff Association's activities, about KAM membership and own involvment, or click here for your declaration of membership.



Dr. Sylke Meyerhuber (chair- & spokesperson)
Email: kramprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de