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In a nutshell: University structures for newbies

This "University of Bremen structures for newbies" page is an offer of KRAM to academic staff members new at University of Bremen. By newbies, our university with its decentralized and discursive structures, processes and habits are often described as confusingly diverse . Therefore, together with some new colleagues, we reflected what might be helpful for you (beside information shared in the "workshop for newly contracted colleagues"). Here our results for you "in a nutshell":

University structure

The university structure shows 12 departements, further "central scientific unites" called ZWE (Zentrale Wissenschaftliche Einheiten) or SFBs (Sonderforschungsbereiche) and the governmental structur and its service unites. As an academic staff member, you probably work in a departement, ZWE or SFB. The governmental structure (for example personnel departement Dez 2, the International Office, the personnel developement offers, or the BYRD Bremen Early Carreer Researcher Development centre, ADE conflict mediation unit, and more) are at your convinience as needed.

For further information see the organigram of University of Bremen (Germ./Engl.)

Electing and participating in the employee’s bodies of representation of interest

Representation of interest at the university of Bremen follows mostly lawfully employed bodies: university-wide in the Academic Senate (AS), on departement level in the department in the departement council (FBR), interests of employees are looked after by the staff council representatives and additionally for academic employees by the council of all academic employees (KRAM), in specific situations also a woman's rights representative or a handycap spokesperson. Elect and participate in the boards! Every two years, elections for AS, FBR and KRAM are held, and all four years the PR representatives are elected - by all university members. AS-members elect every fourth year members of the rectorate as managers of the university. Our chart shows an overview.

Find your way around the campus

University of Bremen is a "campus" streching over some kilometers. Since its foundation in 1971 it grows continuously. Therefore it is prudent to familiarize oneself with the "lay of the land"-chart.

During the welcome-workshops for newbies, a specially guided walk over parts of the campus might support becoming familiar with the exciting corners of the campus and its unique history!

KRAM recommends to use charts before visiting the more complicated buildings, like the GW2 . Do not get lost, plan a bit more time for finding your way into a meeting :-) All building charts are listed at the university homepag; see link above.

Counselling if in need of help

If in need of counselling, the university offers its empoyees manifold support by councel & representation, as listed here:

Qualification & support of carreer development

... is a strategic goal of the University of Bremen. Early Carreer Researcher Develoment centre called BYRD is located in the SFG building. It offeres counselling and seminars. Additionally it acts as a "hub" for many different offers of trainings, counselling at the University, in both German and English. Check out their homepage.


This page is under construction still! If you think a specific information should be added, feel free to contact us. Thank you!