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Sustainable leadership culture

KRAM supports the development of a sustainable leadership culture ...

  • in order to develop further towards a modern university and work organisation
  • in favour of a positive work environment for academic employees
  • strengthening a scientific socialisation based on an attitute of respect, participation, and constructive conflict managament

Leadership culture: cooperation and conflict resolution

As far as cooperation between superior and academic employee runs smoothly, all other things go also well  as a rule. But if academic employees refer to their lawful and humane rights, conflict might occur – that might happen if you fall ill, insist on taking breaks, or do no want to work overtime.

In such cases it becomes apparent if a good leadership culture is established and leadership personnell (professors and others) are able to guide the situation in well-maintained humane contact if need be. University of Bremen implemented the method of an acknowledging "yearly talk" in support of such an attitude and awareness.

Have you been invited to an hour of information? In 2016 KRAM asked its members if and how the annual talk is experienced. Here the report of results, as handed in to the officials of the university management. Also see the papers of the kick-off event about goals and guidelines for the special once-a-year talk with your superior in German and in English.