Bremen Days of Ethnographic Film

The annual Bremen Days of Ethnographic Film has been an integral part of the Department’s Visual Anthropology curriculum since 2012. International productions are shown together with the Department’s own latest works. Film screenings and discussions with internationally renowned film-makers are geared to both a specialist audience and the general public. As such the Film Festival enjoys widespread popularity beyond the confines of the University.

We screen significant contemporary ethnographic films on three consecutive evenings and then open the floor up to debate together with the film-makers. Members of the Students’ Union Cultural Research generally curate the first evening’s programme. Student films that came to fruition in the context of coursework or as final project films are regularly screened on the first evening, side-by-side with international productions. The second evening is organized by teaching staff and is devoted to Visual Anthropology or more general anthropological research. On the third evening the Film Festival leaves campus and goes out into the City of Bremen where we organize an evening-long cinematic experience in the movie theatre City46.

The Bremen Days of Ethnographic Film found its inception in the context of a seminar on Visual Anthropology held by Dr. Eliane Fernandes and has undergone continual development ever since through input of teaching staff and students. In addition to organizing the first evening’s programme, students take on a variety of tasks. As such the Film Festival can be seen as a joint effort involving students and teaching staff, withhigh-profile international guests and film projections in the City of Bremen.

Coordinators: Silke Betscher, Martina Grimmig, Martin Gruber, Frank Müller, StugA KuWi

Cooperations: Kino City46, Filmbüro Bremen e.V.




Click here to download the detailed program in English and here for the German version.


Click here to download the detailed program in English and here for the German version.