BA Cultural Research

Cultural Research is an interdisciplinary subject taught with various areas of focus at German universities. At Bremen the course is academically linked to Anthropology, as well as to Communication and Media Studies - a unique combination in Germany. We place heavy emphasis on qualitative ethnographic methods and comparative cultural aspects.

The BA in Cultural Research offers a stimulating and demanding study program. The subject covers applied areas of work and historical and global aspects, with strong emphasis on empirical questions and transcultural fields of interest. Cultural Research at Bremen University is strongly rooted in the city of Bremen itself and surrounding region. This is also reflected in course content.

One specificity of the Bremen BA in Cultural Research is its focus on Culture and Economics, which is a good starting point for a later career in Cultural Management or similar fields. A further feature is the Certificate in Transcultural and Intercultural Communication, which students can acquire in tandem with their BA. The Program offers a clear-cut vocational component in the internship phase, during which various career options can be prepared for. It also offers a significant research orientation. Students can choose their own personal focus in the course of studies.

The BA in Cultural Research allows students to prepare for a wide variety of careers: besides teaching and research these fields include migration and social diversity; the media (social media, print journalism, radio and TV); museums, culture and event management; adult education, marketing and multimedia agencies; cultural heritage preservation, tourism, public and private cultural institutions; public administration, NGOs, charities, international organizations (UNESCO, the EU, etc), the Diplomatic Service, the travel sector and publishing firms. The culture industry in its broadest sense is one of the most flourishing sectors, both in Germany and internationally. Career prospectshave never been better.

With its strong research-orientation the BA in Cultural Research also qualifies graduates for  Master’s Programs (e.g. the MA in Transcultural Studies or the MA in Media Culture), both in Germany and abroad, and for a subsequent career in research and academia.