Outgoing Students BA

The Department of Anthropology and Cultural Research offers students study places at various European universities for one or two semesters in the framework of the ERASMUS Exchange Program: Italy (Siena, Bologna), Spain (Barcelona, Valencia), Slovenia (Ljubljana), France (Avignon), Sweden (Sundsvall), Portugal (Lisbon), Turkey (Istanbul). Students can also apply for places offered in their subsidiary subject, thus increasing the available options.

Time spent abroad is counted toward your overall course. You can also claim foreign BaföG (funding) [information on this is provided by the BaföG Office]. It is recommended that you plan your study abroad period to take place in Semesters 3 or 5, but you can also plan things in a way that best suits you. Taking responsibility for your own decisions and good planning areall-important. The general rule is that you study at least 30 Credit Points abroad, however whether or not this is possible will depend on local practices at the guest university. It’s an easy process to have foreign certificates in Cultural Research recognized, as all partner universities have course offerings that can be easily incorporated into the Degree Course schedule.

An exchange program also exists with:

Dickinson College (PA, USA);

Dr. Janine Ludwig (Academic Director),
E-Mail: ludwigjprotect me ?!dickinsonprotect me ?!.edu

Academic Advisory Service and Coordination: Verena Mertz (Program Coordinator),
E-Mail: mertzv@dickinson.edu

Office telephone:    + 49 (0)421 - 218 69571
Fax:                        + 49 (0)421 - 218 98 69571

The University of Guadalajara, Mexico

Dr. Martina Grimmig
Gebäude SFG, Raum 4350
Telefon: +49 (0)421 218 67644
E-Mail: grimmig@uni-bremen.de

Please note: important information

It is essential that you visit the relevant Study Abroad Coordinators during their ERASMUS consultation hour. 

The Socrates/Erasmus Coordinatorat the Department of Anthropology and Cultural Research is:

Dr. Martina Grimmig
Building SFG, Room 4350
Telephone: +49 (0)421 218 67644
E-Mail: grimmigprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

A foreign stay requires significant advance planning. You can only apply for the ERASMUS Program once a year and the application deadline is always mid-February. Your stay abroad  always begins in the Winter or Summer Semester following the year of application.

This gives you plenty of time to plan for your stay linguistically. Study places are limited and awarded on the basis of certain quality criteria, above all excellent language skills of the country in question. You need to be able to demonstrate these via language certificates and ongoing language courses.

A further important factor is motivation for your chosen subject. This needs to be demonstrated in a Letter of Motivation, which is an important part of the overall application process. Please note that contrary to information provided by the International Office (anddeparting from previous practice)this motivational letter needs to be drafted in German and no longer in the language of the recipient country. 


You can access the application form as well as a detailed tutorial providing a step-by-step guide to applying under the heading "Erasmus" on the Homepage of the International Office. Please read the tutorial carefully as it answers most technical questions.

Please also submit a printed paper copy of your electronic application to the Erasmus Coordinator.

Important note regarding dual applications: it is essential that you discuss all subject areas you are considering applying for in a personal consultation with Erasmus Coordinators. If you are applying for main and subsidiary subjects, please fill in TWO separate application forms. You fill out the subsidiary subject application in the same manner as the main subject application.


Application Documents

In addition to the application form please enclose the following documents as attachments:

  • Covering letter (with full contact details as well as details of any specificities of your application e.g dual subject or external subject application
  • Standard CV with passport-style photo
  • A complete checklist / inclusion of certificates(the electronic application process provides a specific form for downloading – you do not need to wait for the sealed / stamped confirmation from the Examination Office!)
  • Proof of language skills
  • Copy of your High School (Secondary School) Leaving Diploma (e.g Abitur, GCSE A-levels, etc) which does NOT need to be certified
  • Letter of Motivation – contrary to information provided by the International Office please submit this letter in German, which should be 2 to 2 ½ pages in length

You can only upload a maximum of 4 files but the page length of files is indifferent. Therefore you can scan your proof of language skills and High School Leaving Diploma, for example, as a single PDF file.


Contact at the Institute

PD Dr. Cordula Weißköppel
Tel: +49 421 218 67630
SFG Building, 4th floor,, Room 4080

Dr. Martina Grimmig
Tel: +49 421 218 67644
SFG Building, 4th floor, Room 4350

Contact at the International Office
Cornelia Krain
Tel: +49 421 218 60375
Administration building (VWG),
Room 0570
Bibliothekstr.1, 28359 Bremen