Angel (Junhua Zhao) and Jasmin Krasting
E-Mail: ethnogeeksprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Coordinating contact person:
Dr. Jan C. Oberg
Dr. Nurhak Polat

More information

Counselling by students

Dear fellow students and everyone who is interested!

The ethnogeeks are a counselling offer by students for students. We are Angel and Jasmin and we are both studying cultural sciences, in the 5th and 3rd semester. We are at your disposal if you have any questions regarding the BA Kulturwissenschaften or the MA Transcultural Studies.

Why counselling by students?
Sometimes it is easier to ask other students for help than lecturers, or you will not find the right contact point for your request. We know many situations from our own experience, so we can relate with your problems and hopefully help you to solve them.

For students
We can especially be helpful for you when you are just starting your studies. For example, we can answer your questions about Stud.IP, PABO or the campus. If you would like to have some assistance with arranging your time table or if you do not know how to organise your studies, we will be happy to support you.

But even if you are already studying for a while, of course you can contact us as well. If we are not able to help with your request, we will find the right contact person. Just send us an email, and if you wish for a meeting we will arrange an appointment on campus or via Zoom.

If you are interested in the study program
Not a student yet, but wondering if the BA Kulturwissenschaften is right for you?
If you like, we can arrange a meeting to share our experiences with you.

On Social Media
On YouTube and on this website you will find tutorials for getting started as well as insights into the study program. On our Instagram account, you can also find information about the study program and events of the institute.
Feel free to suggest any topics to us which you would like us to research and present.

Campus Walk

In this video we will guide you around on campus. Among other places, we will show you where to find the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Science, how to use the library and where to find the cafeteria, where you can drink a coffee.

Please note: This video was made during the Covid Pandemic - the security measures are no longer relevant. You can use all places without restrictions.

The websites of the mensa and cafeteria offer the menu plan of the week:
Cafeteria GW2

In the library you will find literature for your studies and quiet places to work:
Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek
Apply for a library card online

Einführung in Stud.IP (Part 1)

In diesem Video führen wir in die wichtigsten Tools von Stud.IP, dem zentralen Kurs- und Lernmanagementsystem der Universität Bremen, ein.

Auf Stud.IP könnt ihr euch unter anderem für Kurse anmelden, die Seminarliteratur herunterladen, mit anderen Kursteilnehmer*innen kommunizieren, Lernräume buchen und Vieles mehr.

Einführung in Stud.IP (Part 2)

In diesem Video stellen wir euch weitere Funktionen von Stud.IP vor.

Insbesondere geheen wir auf die verschiedenen Tools ein, die im Rahmen eurer Veranstaltungen genutzt werden (z.B. das Forum, Wiki, Pad)

PABO explained

You will need the PABO platform to register or deregister your exams, view your grades, and get your current transcript of records.

In this video, we will show you how to use the platform.

Usually, the registration period for exams runs from 10th of December to 10th of January in the winter semester and from 10th of June to 30th of June in the summer semester.

However, there may be deviations, so you should always rely on the current schedule for the semester:
BA Kulturwissenschaften
MA Transcultural Studies

Interviews mit Studierenden - Einblicke in das Studium an der Uni Bremen

Interview mit Martha

Martha studiert den BA Kulturwissenschaften und verbringt das 4. Semester im Rahmen des ERASMUS Programms in Sloweniens Hauptstadt Ljubljana.

In diesem Video erzählt sie, wie sie zu den Kulturwissenschaften kam, wie ihre erste Feldforschung im 3. Semester war, wie ihr Ljubljana gefällt und gibt Tipps für das Studium.

Das Video entstand im April 2022.

Interview mit Daria

In diesem Video stellt sich Daria vor, sie studiert den Master Transkulturelle Studien im 3. Semester.

Sie erzählt uns, was sie zum MATS inspiriert hat und was ihr daran besonders gefällt.

Das Video entstand im April 2022.

Interview mit Anja

Anja studiert im 3. Semester den Master Transkulturelle Studien. Zuvor hat sie bereits den BA Kulturwissenschaften an der Uni Bremen studiert. Besonders gefällt ihr die interdisziplinäre Ausrichtung des MATS.

In diesem Video erzählt sie, welche Überlegungen sie sich zu ihrer Masterarbeit macht und was sie nach dem Studium plant.

Das Video entstand im April 2022.