Incoming Students

Erasmus in Bremen - Information for New Arrivals (Incoming Students)

Welcome to your Exchange Program at the University of Bremen.

You are currently navigating the Homepage of the Department of Anthropology and Cultural Research which is part of Faculty 9: Cultural Science. We’re pleasedyou’re here and want to ensure your time spent with us is an interesting, enjoyable and rewarding experience.

If you plan to attend courses you need to register on both PABO and Stud.IP systems. You can obtain information on this at the University’s International Office.

Please attend one of the open consultation hours to discuss course details, matters relating to transcripts of grades and for all general enquiries about the Department of Anthropology and Cultural Research. We’re also here to help in the event of accommodation-related issues, for questions concerning study regulations and teaching at the Department, or if you wish to contact other students enroled at the Department.

Certificates, Transcripts, etc.

And everything that you have to know, for your study-stay at the University Bremen...

Academic Research and Writing

Please read our Guidelines for Academic Research and Writing

What is a certificate?

For every course that you participate in at the University of Bremen, you will receive a certificate. On this certificate, it is noted what type of class you attended, (e.g Seminar or lecture) and what type of assessment you took (e.g a Test, work at home, or an oral exam). Obviously, the mark you received is also noted on here. Please note, that you must use the form ECTS-Leistungsnachweises. Fill out the form, and at the end of your course, give it to your teacher to sign. After this, take your form to the administration department of your faculty so it can be stamped. Do NOT bring it to the International Office.

Transcript of Records

Before you travel back to your home university, you must ensure that your faculty has issued you with the Transcript of Records. Before your department can issue this, you must submit your ECTS-Certificate. The Transcript of Records should also be stamped and sealed in your faculty department, and NOT the International Office. Without an official stamp, your certificate is not usually accepted by your home University.

Contact at the Institute
Dr. Martina Grimmig
Tel: +49 421 218 67644
SFG Building, 4th floor, Raum 4350

Contact at the International Office
Cornelia Krain
Tel: +49 421 218 60375
Administration building (VWG),
Room 0570
Bibliothekstr.1, 28359 Bremen