Research-based Learning

Research-based learning at the University of Bremen enjoys especial significance, highlighted by the fact that it has been classed as a defining feature of teaching. A current challenge is integrating research-based learning into the curriculum in a meaningful / intermodular fashion.

The funding program entitled:Research-based Learning at the University of Bremen – promoting Profile Building’ is  geared to the promotion of three development goals for existing degree courses. The Department of Anthropology and Cultural Research was successful in its funding application and has been leading the project Learning by Doing Research as a Curriculum Profile in the BA in Cultural Research / Anthropology’ [November 2015 to December 2018].

The study guide "Wegweiser Kulturwissenschaft" (german only) results from this project.

Project Management
Dr. Margrit E. Kaufmann
Diversity Expert
Bremen Senior Researcher
0421 / 218 – 67619
SFG 4320

Project Realisation
Henning Koch