Internship / Vocational Module

What career prospects do I have on completion of a Degree Course in Cultural Research?

The internship contained in Vocational Module M 10 is an important part of your Degreecourse. The choice of internship place is based on future career interests.

Our Bachelor’s Program in Cultural Research qualifies you for a host of career openings: intercultural communication, culture and events management, advertising agencies, the media and public relations, museums, grants foundations, charities, fund-raising; national and international NGOs,public service, government agencies, the Arts and culture, as well as in science, publishing, the Diplomatic Service, a university career (academic research) and much more. We recommend selecting an internship place relevant to your desired career path.

How can I prepare for an internship?

Two or three times per semester cultural researchers (including a large number of graduates or alumni) working in a wide variety of fields come as visiting lecturers and are available to offer advice to students. The resulting lecture series entitled Cultural Research as a Career is an integral part ofstudents’ preparation for the Internship phase. The full lecture schedule is published on the Department Homepage and in the CourseProspectus. You need to attend at least three lectures of your choice in this series during your Degree course.

How does the Internship work?

Students choose the internship place themselves and work for at least six consecutive weeks at an institution with a strong anthropological, cultural research or communications interest, either at home or abroad. The goal is to apply knowledge acquired during study to real-world contexts and to develop an orientation regarding future career choice. Students are recommended to start their internship from the 4th semester onwards so that they already possess some specialist knowledge and can find an appropriate placement – and not simply in a call centre or sorting post / filing. They need to register their internship with a member of teaching staff and discuss it with them in detail. After internship completion the staff member receives the internship report, reads it and discusses it with you. At the end he / she signs the proof of internship completion certificate and you take this to the secretariat to have it stamped.

A preparatory class designed for the internship is included in the 1st semester (this always takes place in the Winter Semester). After completing their internship students attend an evaluation session, which takes place in the Summer Semester. During  studies you need to attend three lectures in the Cultural Research as a Career series and document this via an attendance certificate.

You can extend your internship in conjunction with Module 11 (self-study) and have this additional achievement counted toward your overall number of Credit Points.

Important information on registering and completing your internship, and drafting the internship report can be found in the information brochure.

You can download the necessary forms here:

Careers Center [Praxisbüro]

Further information and support regarding the Internship, as well as coaching / mentoring on career choices is provided by the Careers Center.  

Registration of successful Internship completion follows the procedure outlined below: You take the stamped and sealed form documenting successful internship completion together with a copy of the worksheet (see below) to Dr. Frank Müller (SFG 4320), the Module Coordinator, during his consultation hour. He then notifies the Examination Office of successful internship completion.

Worksheet / Attendance Certificate for Supplementary Courses in Module 10
The Module Coordinator is responsible for forwarding information to the Examination Office, therefore do not hand in forms directly to the Examination Office. Do not hand in original forms but always bring along a copy and submit forms personally during the openconsultationhourrather than simply putting them in the pigeonhole. During semester break please enquire about revised consultation times or where applicable,coordinator replacement.