MA Transcultural Studies

  • Kachel

    Culture in transition

    Culture is transformative. Culture is permanently in motion just like the human beings who create it. We look at culture-s as a process of negotiation, as an encounter between different forces and ressources. From a historic or contemporary perspective, cultures are always under construction.

  • Successful since 2008

    The Master‘ s Degree in Transcultural Studies offered by the University of Bremen is a popular postgraduate qualification that has been welcoming around 30 students every year since 2008.

  • Kachel


    MATS provides further training for advanced academic careers. Research modules and projects in all contemporary fields of Transculturality prepare students for PhD projects or for careers in Science and Research Management.

  • Project-oriented and Application-driven

    Research-based learning is our defining hallmark. Teaching, including small scale research projects and theme-based semesters, allow students and lecturers to engage with transculturality in various shapes and forms, e.g. in dealing with exile and forced migration in society at large, or in technology-driven knowledge production.

  • Kachel

    Inter- and Transdisciplinary

    All BA Degrees that include analysis of culture/s qualify graduates for MATS, e.g. Cultural Studies or Anthropology, Comparative Religious Studies, or Linguistics and Literature Studies as well as Social Work, Economics or Philosophy.

  • Postcolonial Subjects

    MATS presents postcolonial perspectives via relevant theories and methods but primarily through local and trans-local references to European Colonialism and its global impacts down to the present.

  • Internationally connected

    Studying overseas is an integral part of individual course profiles in a similar way to language skills and independently organized projects abroad. We maintain partnerships with universities in Russia, Mexico, Turkey and Southern Africa.

MATS (short for Master’s in ‘Transcultural Studies’) is a transdisciplinary program encompassing Anthropology and Cultural Research, and Religious and Literature Studies, which has been on offer at Bremen University since 2008.

MATS stands for contemporary Cultural Research in modern societies as well as postcolonial transformation, international linkages and globalization.

We tackle issues of cultural exchange, mixing and innovation, as well as various forms of inequality and violence which have been shaped by historical power relations in different ways throughout the world.

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