Studies and Projects abroad


MATS has an international focus. You will develop your individual study profile which should possibly include studying abroad, improving foreign language skills, self-organizing internships as well as research projects abroad. We cooperate closely with partner universities in Russia, Mexico, Turkey and Southern Africa. We also offer regular excursions and international exchange trips and have distinguished scholars visiting from different countries each year to teach classes or workshops for our students International students are very welcome to join our MATS program.

Students who do not apply for the Double Degree Program with the Kadir Has University in Turkey have at least 6 options for organizing studies abroad:

1. Studies and internships within the Erasmus program
Take notice: The Erasmus program provides funding for stays abroad up to twelve months for MA-level students, either at one of our European partner universities or for work and research internships in member countries of the EU.

2. Studies at international partner universities of Bremen University outside of Europe
As a student of Bremen University you have potential access to all international partnerships outlined in a list compiled by the International Office (IO). The institutes involved in the MATS program have a number of interesting cooperation agreements with universities outside of Europe:
e.g. University of Guadalajara (UDG), Metropolitan Autonomous University (UAM), Mexico (Contact: Dr. Martina Grimmig); Universities in South Africa and Namibia (Contact: Dr. Cordula Weisskoeppel); Universities in Canada (Contact: Dr. Jana Nittel, FB 10).

3. Independently organized studies ("freemover")
You may of course also organize a semester abroad on your own – as a socalled freemover – with a university of your choice. For further help and advice please contact the International Office or the departments’ coordinators for international affairs

4. Internships
There are also diverse opportunities for organizing an internship abroad. Look for special funding opportunities

  • Within Europe: through ERASMUS
  • Outside of Europe: through PROMOS and others

We also recommend to look for the various programs run by the DAAD.
Mathias Bücken at Bremen University‘s International Office provides advice on all questions around work and research internships abroad, also Wiltrud Hoffmann from ‘Praxisbüro’ of Faculty 9 will help you in this matter.

5. Exchange Program with Russian Partner Universities
Quite regularly in the academic year the IfEK offers a 10-day excursion to Russia where MATS students visit German language students at our partner university in Belgorod, and vice versa.


6. Academic Exchange Program with Sapir College Sderot/Israel
An annual academic exchange also takes place regulary during the summer term with the Sapir College in Sderot, Israel, on the subject: ’Inclusion and exclusion dynamics in social systems in Israel and Germany.“ Master students of Religious Studies or Transcultural Studies (MATS) are welcome to apply for this exchange program. You can find detailed information here.