Master Transcultrual Studies

MATS (short for Master’s in ‘Transcultural Studies’) is a transdisciplinary program encompassing Anthropology and Cultural Research, and Religious and Literature Studies, which has been on offer at Bremen University since 2008.

MATS stands for contemporary Cultural Research in modern societies as well as postcolonial transformation, international linkages and globalization.

We tackle issues of cultural exchange, mixing and innovation, as well as various forms of inequality and violence which have been shaped by historical power relations in different ways throughout the world.

MATS focusses on research questions at the interface of Postcolonial Studies and Science and Technology Studies (STS). It is geared to current literature, visual culture and performance. Forced exile and migration, urgent questions of post-migrant and ethnically plural societies are tackled in the framework of regime research, Diversity and Critical Whiteness research.

Urbanism and infrastructures (megacities, ports, energy, resources and catastrophes) are also core areas of research and teaching at MATS, as well as studies on transnational organizations and regulations (NGOs, Fair Trade). Borders, coastal regions and seas, and environmental debates are important themes of our transdisciplinary project Nature Cultures (NaturenKulturen).

MATS is based on cooperation between the Faculty of Cultural Sciences (FB 9) and the Faculty of Language and Literature Studies (FB 10). Central departments are the Institute of Anthropology and Cultural Research and the Institute of Religious Studies, with further involvement from professors in the field of Romance Studies at FB 10.


  • Prof. Dr. Gritt Klinkhammer, FB 9

  • Prof. Dr. Michi Knecht, FB 9

  • Prof. Dr. Kerstin Radde-Antweiler, FB 9

  • Prof. Dr. Yan Suarsana, FB 9


The following research institutes support the work of MATS:

          Contact: Dr. Margrit Kaufmann