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We look forward to receiving applications from German and international students. The online application deadline is June 15th each year for winter semester intake (start in mid-October). There is no intake of new students for the summer semester.

Obligatory documents for your application (see: Datenbank Studium: “Aufnahmeordnung” / enrolment regulations) include academic transcripts (degree certificates), language certificates, and importantly also a letter of motivation. In this letter you should outline and elaborate on your personal motivation for choosing our program and state whether you aim to enrol into the double degree program with Istanbul.

You can find further information under the following headings:
    • Information for Applicants
    • Database (of) Studies (in German: “Datenbank Studium”)

For all further questions please contact the individual advisors listed under: Support face to face: MATS Academic advisor (Prof. Dorle Dracklé) or MATS coordinator for international affairs (Dr. Cordula Weisskoeppel)

ONLINE Application for German AND international applicants:
All Master`s programs at the University of Bremen require you to complete an online application procedure!

The standard application deadline for admission in the Winter Semester is always 15th June of the same year.

All important criteria relevevant for applying for the MA Transcultural Studies Program application can be found in the so-called entry requirements schedule (in German “Aufnahmeordnung” = AO, last update 19.12. 2018)

  • Your personal letter of motivation should not exceed two A4 pages in length. 
  • The required number of 130 CPs of your prior BA program needs to be documented via pre-printed forms provided by the Examination Office of your previous University. 
  • The provisional grade of the BA reflects the average mark of your main and subsidiary subjects (major and minors)
  • All applicants are asked to submit proof of language skills in line with entry requirements for the Master program in Transcultural Studies of 19.12.2018 (AO §1, (1), b-d:

    b. English language knowledge at least equivalent to the level B2 based on the Common European framework of reference for languages (CEFRL); further proof of English language   skills is waived for applicants who have taken their university entrance examination or their last higher education certificate in English language.
    c. Language skills in onefurther foreign language (which must be at least equivalent to level A2 according to the CEFRL). An ancient foreign language such as Latin, Greek or Hebrew (i.e. two successfully completed language courses during studies) can also be accepted in place of a second modern foreign language.
    d. Students opting to take the Double Degree Program “Intercultural/Transcultural Communication Studies“ with a first study period at Bremen University are strongly advised to provide evidence of Turkish language skills. Students who start the Double Degree Program “Intercultural/Transcultural Communication Studies“ in Istanbul need to have German as the additional foreign language.

Information for international applicants
The same application procedures apply for international students (=non German citizens). Additionally the following German language skills are required for a Degree program at Bremen University: you need to obtain at least 16 points in the DaF test (German as foreign language). For further information on the DaF Test and German classes at Bremen University please consult the following website: In addition, the local Goethe Institute also offers German courses for foreign students.

For all questions please contact our academic advisor or the coordinator of international affairs: Dr. Cordula Weisskoeppel (see: support face-to-face)

MATS at one glance:
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