Continuation of the event series Diversity @ Uni Bremen in the summer semester 2022 on the focus "Social Origin & Educational (In)Equity".

The public events, to which we cordially invite you, deal with classist inequalities in the university context. They ask about mechanisms of action, effects and possible counter-strategies.

Kick-off with a lecture and discussion:
Classism - a taboo of higher education
27.04.2022, 18.00 - 20.00, Building SFG, Room 0140

Discrimination based on class origin and class affiliation is omnipresent and can also be found in the field of education. Despite the promise of equal opportunities and educational justice, the education system reinforces class differences instead of levelling them out, as various studies point out. The academic and teaching sector is also characterised by classism. A closer look reveals this: Higher education promotes and perpetuates class-based differences flanked by a performance narrative that hides the structural dimension and the effectiveness of classist discrimination.

The aim of this article is to examine higher education from a class-critical and intersectional perspective. The focus is on the taboo of higher education institutions to deal with the effects of classism and its significance for education and qualification processes - although as a place of knowledge production and transfer, it has a special responsibility to reflect on its own structures and practices and to counteract discrimination. All interested parties are invited to discuss what suitable approaches look like and what measures are necessary during the subsequent exchange.

Speaker: Ayla Satilmis, University of Bremen, responsible for the e n t e r s c i e n c e programme, main areas of work: Antidiscrimination, diversity & intersectionality, critique of racism in teaching-learning spaces, democratisation of academia; contact:

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