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Döbereiner Lab

Research activities

On our home page you will find a short description of our research and a list of selected papers. We are interested in the Biological Physics of Cellular Systems and Soft Matter. In vivo studies of animal cells and slime molds are combined with in vitro investigations of  model membrane systems. As a general framework, we use phases and phase transitions observed in these (active) biological systems.  In particular, we want to understand active membrane waves in fibroblast cells, morphology and structure formation in slime molds, as well as thermal fluctuations of lipid membranes. We employ and develop advanced light microscopy. Image time sequences are analyzed using concepts from condensed matter physics and graph theory.

Oncoming lectures

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physarum petri dish

PhysNet 2018

The second International Workshop on Physarum Transport Networks took place in April 2018. Almost 30 Physarum enthusiasts from Germany, United Kingdom and Japan met at the University of Bremen to present their work and to share their latest findings. 

We had an opportunity to see numerous interesting presentations on various topics: genetics, cell biology, physics of Physarum, cell motility, network dynamics, signal propagation and decision-making. An interdisciplinary SciArt session with Heather Barnett and Ursula Damm on the last day of the workshop proved that art and science can inspire and complement each other in the modern world. 

Please visit the website of the workshop for detailed information on participants and talks. 


physarum grey

PhysNet 2015

The First International Workshop on Physarum Transport Networks took place between the 3rd and 5th of December 2015 at the Columbia University in New York and it gahthered Physarum enthusiasts from all over the world. 

The Workshop proceedings can be retrieved online on the Website of European Union Digital Library