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Underlying the research agenda of the professorship in Evolutionary Economics is a naturalistic approach to economics. It explains economic phenomena as a dimension of cultural evolution based on and influenced as well as constrained by humans’ evolved cognitive dispositions. These include cultural learning capabilities, biases taking effect therein, and affective facets of human behavior. Our naturalistic approach applies formal models of cultural evolution theory to depict regularities in human behavior and relates these to various economic settings. Such a scientific endeavor is necessarily interdisciplinary in nature. We collaborate with anthropologists and draw on insights from social psychology, cognitive psychology, evolutionary biology, and behavioral sciences. This enhanced perspective on human economic behavior is applied to the theory of the firm, evolving corporate cultures, human behavior in organizations in general, industry evolution, technological diffusion, consumption behaviors, normative aspects of evolutionary economics, sustainability issues, and conceptual-methodological problems of evolutionary ideas imported to economics. We publish our results in international peer-reviewed journals, such as the Journal of Evolutionary Economics, the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, the Journal of Institutional Economics, Ecological Economics, the Journal of Bioeconomics, the Journal of Socio-Economics, Constitutional Political Economy, or the Journal of Economic Issues.



Research Areas

- The biological and psychological foundations of economic behavior – a naturalistic approach to economics.

- The evolution of business cultures, socialization processes in organizations, and governance structures of multinational enterprises.

- The determinants of human behavior in organizational contexts and industry evolution.

- Preference learning and the transition toward a sustainable economy.

- An evolutionary perspective on economic policy making and normative aspects.



· Human Behavior in Organizations (B.Sc.)

· A Naturalistic Approach to Economics (B.Sc.)

· Economics of Sustainability (B.Sc.)

· Innovation Economics: Theory (M.Sc.)

· Project Seminars (B.Sc. and M.Sc.)

· PhD Seminar (M.Sc.)