Elisa Brauße, M.Sc.

About me

With a background in Cognitive and Neuroscience, I've been working at the Cognitive Systems Lab as a doctoral candidate since early 2022.

My research revolves around the interface between human and technology, preferably with biosignals and health/medical topics that involve the brain.

Currently I'm responsible for the NAKO+ILSE project, which focuses on health study data fusion and early detection of dementia based on spoken language and magnetic resonance imaging.


Enrique-Schmidt-Str. 5
Cartesium, Raum 2.049
28359 Bremen

+49(0)421-218 64268

elisa.brausseprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de


Additional contact options:
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Bachelor's/Master's Theses


Summer term 2023

  • Biosignale und Benutzerschnittstellen (Biosignals and User Interfaces)

Summer term 2022

Student assistent wanted!

Only available for students fluent in German.

I am currently preparing a study for my project NAKO+ILSE, for which we would like to conduct, record and automatically analyze interviews of about 500 participants in the age range of 60+ years.

To accomplish this, I need your help! So if you're good with (elderly) people, are interested in conducting interviews, language is your thing and you would like to earn money along the way – get in touch with me.


Research Interests

  • Biosignals, neuro
  • User interfaces, brain-computer interfaces, neurotechnology