The Biosignals Lab (see Figure) at the Cognitive Systems Lab (CSL) consists of an interaction space (5x4m) which allows to blend real with virtual reality interactions .

The Biosignals lab is fully equipped with a range of sensory devices to capture biosignals resulting from human behaviour like speech, motion, eye gaze, muscle and brain activities under both controlled and less restricted open-space conditions.

Available sensors:

Wireless motion tracking based on PLUX (

  • Inertial sensors
  • Electrodermal activity (EDA) sensors
  • mobile 4-channel devices for muscle activity acquisition
  • Blood Volume Pulse sensor

See [Meier et al., 2018] for more details on the Biosignals Lab, the hard- and software setup as well as the various devices. Furthermore, the Biosignals Lab comprises a large shielding cabin to record high-quality biosignals in clean and controlled conditions. 
[Meier et al., 2018 ] Meier M, Mason C, Porzel R, Putze F, Schultz T. Synchronized Multimodal Recording of a Table Setting Dataset. In: IROS 2018: Workshop on LatestAdvances in Big Activity Data Sources for Robotics & New Challenges, Madrid,Spain 2018.



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LabLinking: BiosignalsLab connects to NeuroimagingLab in Bremen