Seminar Bremen Big Data Challenge


The seminar deals with the big-data task of the Bremen Big Data Challenge (BBDC). The participants will present their solution in a six-page-paper and a presentation to the other participants.


StudIP-Area: Class-ID 03-BE-711.98d


Dates and Form (Attention: Information about digital teaching due to COVID-19)

There will be a digital introduction presentation for the BBDC-Seminar 2020. This presentation will be on the 17.04.202 at 14:00. We will be using the programme Discord. After creating an account, accessing the room where the introduction will be held should be possible via the following link: . The seminar talks will be held in the same way if they have to be held digitally (which is likely). More information can be found in the slides in the StudIP-Area  for the course.