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I studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Berlin (Dipl.-Ing., 2009) and information and communication systems at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (M.Sc., 2011). Since 2016, I have been a researcher for biosignal processing, human activity recognition, virtual reality, and music information retrieval at the Cognitive Systems Lab of the University of Bremen, where I received my Ph.D. (2021). I am co-responsible for three multipartner projects: Arthrokinemat (intelligent knee bandage), IntEL4CoRo (interactive learning for cognitive robotics), and NF-BWB (young talent development). I developed the first smart knee bandage that recognizes users' activities in real-time (Best Student Paper, BIODEVICES 2019) and proposed Motion Units, an activity modeling method with interpretability, generalizability, and expandability, rationalizing kinesiology and speech recognition knowledge into human activity research (2021). My two papers on high-level feature design (co-author) and music signal processing (first author) were the Best Paper Finalists (BIOSIGNALS 2022 / SIGMAP 2022). I collected and released the 19-channel, 22-activity, 20-subject human activity dataset CSL-SHARE (2021). A dataset of ECG acquisition artifacts called sensORder was published under my guidance (2024). I received the following third-party funding and awards: the Erasmus Teaching Mobility Award (2018), the CAMPUSiDEEN Public Choice Award for advanced sensing and recognition technology (2022), and the YERUN Research Mobility Award (2022/2023). I served as a PC for 17th BIOSIGNALS, and will be a TPC for 2nd ArtInHCI, Pub.C. for 2nd AIGC, as well as an AC for 33rd ICANN and 7th CEII. I am an editorial member of several international journals, and was awarded Sensors 2023 Outstanding Reviewer.

Recently, my international collaboration has expanded to singing audio processing, exoskeletons, and action unit recognition, among others, for which a considerable number of topics are carried out in parallel. I always eagerly await new interdisciplinary and cross-border cooperation in various fields!

Research Interests and Keywords

Research Keywords
Research Keywords

Job/Thesis Information

Hui's supervised students and research assistants (partially, 2023/2024)
Hui's supervised students and research assistants (partially, 2023/2024)

My best research assistants and students (HiWis/theses/guest)

Yale Hartmann
Research assistant 2018 — 2020 (HAR); Bachelor thesis 2019 (full score); Master thesis 2020 (full score) → Ph.D candidate @ CSL
Anindya Chowdhury
Research assistant 2019 (statistical models) → Data Analyst @ Fujifilm Europe, Ratingen
Lennard Mai
Bachelor thesis 2019 (automatic segmentation of motion data) → Junior Data Engineer @ hmmh, Bremen
Timo Urban
Bachelor thesis 2019 (Android APP development for biosignal acquisition, full score) → Software engineer @ TK, Hamburg
Kilian Luedemann
Bachelor thesis 2021 (RNN-based fall detection using IF videos) → Software engineer @ RealCore Group, Essen
Tobias Dellert
Bacheler thesis 2022 (HRV and inertial signals for real-time workload monitoring in AWS) @ Tbilisi, Georgia → Data Engineer @ WearHealth, Bremen
Isabel de Almeida Curioso
Master thesis 2022 (missing data on clinical contexts, 20/20, best of the year) @ Lisbon, Portugal (20/20, best of the year) → Researcher @ Portugal
Shiyao Zhang
Research assistant since 2022 (artifact recognition during biosignal acquisition; research group convenor); Bachelor thesis 2024 (full score) → Master student @ Uni Bremen
Steffen Lahrberg
Bachelor thesis 20121 (cross-channel features for direction distinguishment in HAR, full score)
Wei Wang
Master thesis 2022 (subsequence search for automatic heart sound segmentation) @ Hannover → IT application developer @ Bosch, Eisenach
Daniel Faustino de Noronha Osório
Ph.D. thesis 2023 (pervasive and remote sensing in cardiovascular disease assessment) @ Lisbon, Portugal → Senior Engineer @ PLUX wireless biosignals SA
Jonas Boule
Research assistant since 2023 (EEG analysis; EEG and inertial data fusion for HAR)
Romina Razeghi Oskouei
Research assistant since 2023 (EMG signal acquisition and processing)
Ferdinand Rohlfing
Research assistant since 2023 (ML for EMG-based action unit recognition)
Anantha Sripada Abhinav Veldanda
Guest research scholar & Bachelor thesis 2023 (real-time action unit recog.) @ Goa/Bremen (Grade A) → Engineer @ India
Ciwan Gülpinar
Bachelor Thesis 2023 (Biosignals in VR) → Master student @ Uni Bremen
Johann Joachim Keuneke
Graduation research in progress (multimodal sensors in mobile phone)
Daniel Ott
Bachelor Thesis 2024 (GUI design and user experience analysis for singing assistance, sehr gut)
Hasanur Jaman Seam
Graduation research in progress (mobile phone-based HAR)
Hannes Wehrmann
Graduation research in progress (HAR-based real-time sonification during sports)
Rakibul Islam
Graduation research in progress (GUI design and validation of self-similarity-based time-series analysis)
Thorben Lorenzen
Master thesis 2024 (EMG-based piano playing finger recognition) → Data engineer @ Munich
Leon Flaack
Bachelor thesis 2024 (LSTM-based main melody channel detection from MIDI) → Exchange @ Tokyo
Jiumeng Chen
Graduation research in progress (foot activity recognition)
Joel Warnken
Graduation research in progress (singing pitch detection and intonation training)
Mohamad Asif Siddiqui
Graduation research in progress (outlier detection benchmark)
Mohamad Tofayel Ahmed
Graduation research in progress (regression baseline and correction of fuel cell aging model)
Arthur Belousov
Graduation research in progress (singing difficulty evaluation for individual songs)
Aklima Akter
Graduation research in progress (advanced data processing for Wi-Fi-based HAR)
Yvo Muslukus
Research assistant since 2023 (ML for EMG-based action unit recognition)
Alenna Kha
Graduation research in progress (melody-based automatic harmonization)
Robin Kuri
Graduation research in progress (melody-based automatic harmonization)
David Czesla
Graduation research in progress (piano self-learning feedback based on finger and pitch recognition)
Jie Su
Graduation research in progress (HAR in VR)
Nazia Nusrat Ima
Graduation research in progress (APP of community and online activities for Bangladeshi lonely elderly people)
Finn Redel
Graduation research in progress (Event-driven and distributed analysis framework for chromatography data)

BBDCB23 Foto
NF-BWB (Bremen Big Data Challenge Basic)

Research Projects

BIODEVICES 2019 (Best Paper, Student Author) / CAMPUSiDEEN 2022 (Public Choice Award) / KIT Adaptive Systems Talks 2022 / MindDay 2021
BIODEVICES 2019 (Best Paper, Student Author) / CAMPUSiDEEN 2022 (Public Choice Award) / KIT Adaptive Systems Talks 2022 / MindDay 2021

Academic Activities and Contributions

  • Editor

    • Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience

  • Program Chair

    • BIOSIGNALS 2024 (in BIOSTEC 2024) – 17th International Conference on Bio-Inspired Systems and Signal Processing (Rome, Italy)

  • Technical Program Co-Chair

    • ArtInHCI 2024 – 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intellience and Human-Computer Interaction (Kunming, China; Malaysia)

  • Area Chair

    • ICANN 2024  – 33rd International Conference on Bio-Inspired Systems and Signal Processing (Lugano, Switzerland)

    • CEII 2024  – 7th Asia Conference on Cognitive Engineering and Intelligent Interaction, Singapore (Singapore)

  • Publicity Chair

    • AIGC 2024  – 2nd International Conference on AI-Generated Content

  • Session Chair

    • HEALTHINF 2022 (in BIOSTEC 2022) – 15th International Conference on Health Informatics (Vienna, Austria)

    • SIGMAP 2022 – 19th International Conference on Signal Processing and Multimedia Applications (Lisbon, Portugal)

    • BIOSTEC 2023 – 16th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies  (Lisbon, Portugal)

  • Keynote/Invited Speaker

    • Academics and Art, Verein der CDHAW-Absolventen und Mitglieder der Tongji-Universität, Düsseldorf, Germany, 2018

    • Smart Bandage, KIT Adaptive Systems Talks, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2022

  • Peer Reviewer

    • For 43 international journals, including Nat. Commn., Biomed. Signal Process. Control, Geo-Spat. Inf. Sci., Remote Sens., Foods, Front. Physiol., Front. Bioeng. Biotechnol., Front. Med., Physiol. Meas., Phys. Scr., Biomimetics, Smart Cities, and Biosensors

    • For various conferences, including IEEE BSN and BHI; ACM ICMI, ISWC, and AUTOMOTIVEUI; ITG

    • 2023 Outstanding Reviewer Award of Sensors

    • IOP Trusted Reviewer in recognition of an exceptionally high level of peer review competence

  • Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal)

    • Erasmus Teaching Staff Mobility, 2018
  • Biosignals Notebooks

    • Online Sensor-based AI Tutorial & Code Sharing
  • BIOSTEC 2019 - 12th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies  (Prague, Czech)

  • Bremen Big Data Challenge (BBDC)

    • 4th BBDC 2019Big data acquisition, processing, and provision
    • 9th BBDC 2024: Main responsible orgnizer for BBDC Basic Track
  • Bremen.AI 2019

    • Demonstration of real-time human activity recognition
    • Demonstration of MR game platform for rehabilitation assistance
  • MindDay 2021 (Bremen)

    • Demonstration of intelligent knee bandage


  • Hot Topics in Sensors and Human Activity Research

    • Thursday 14:00 – 16:00

  • Biosignals and User Interfaces


  • General: Tuesday 16:00 - 18:00

  • Or by prior appointment via Email



[42] TPRO-NET: An EEG-Based Emotion Recognition Method Feflecting Subtle Changes in Emotion. Zhang, X., Cheng, X.*, and Liu, H.* (2024). Scientific Reports. Springer Nature.

[41] Examining the Effects of Human-Likeness of Avatars on Emotion Perception and Emotion Elicitation. Zhang, S., Faruk, O., Porzel, R., Küster, D., Schultz, T., and Liu, H.* (2024). In ABC 2024 - 6th International Conference on Activity and Behavior Computing. IEEE.