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The Cognitive Systems Laboratory at the University of Bremen is working on innovative Silent Speech Interfaces, which allow humans to communicate with each other by speaking silently. [More…]

Aktivierungsgruppe mit I-CARE Tablet
Aktivierungsgruppe mit I-CARE Tablet

At the Cognitive Systems Lab, we are developing a number of systems aimed at people with dementia. [More…]

At the Cognitive Systems Lab we are using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for innovative User Interfaces. [More…]

Speech is the most important natural human communication form. Thus, speech recognition is the most natural interface for app. [More…]

At the Cognitive Systems Lab, we investigate various research areas of multimodal human activity recognition, including software development and dataset acquisition, segmentation and annotation, feature extraction, feature dimensionality study, human activity modeling, iterative training and parameter tuning, real-time recognition system, among others. [More…]

At the Cognitive Systems Lab we use Ineartial Measurement Units (IMUs), as well as Electromyography (EMG) to recognize gestures for innovative user interfaces.. [More…]