Human Activity Recognition

CSL-SHARE: Sensor-based Human Activity Recordings

The CSL-SHARE data corpus contains 22 activities performed by 20 study participants. The participants wore a knee bandage equipped with sensors totaling 19-channels.

The paper publishing this data corpus describes the structure and the usage of the dataset in detail (see under).

The data can be downloaded here.


Privacy Preservation and Data Security:

The participant's consent form stipulates that the use of the data is limited to non-commercial research purposes, and the data users guarantee not to attempt to identify the participating persons. Furthermore, the data users guarantee to pass on the data (or data derived from it) only to third parties who are bound by the same rules of use (for non-commercial research purposes, no identification attempts, restricted disclosure). Data users who violate the usage regulation mentioned above will bear the legal consequences themselves, where the dataset publisher takes no responsibility.


Citation Request:

This dataset is freely available for non-commercial academic research. We would appreciate referencing the below publications if you use this dataset or the implementation approaches related to it:

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    Feature extraction examples from the CSL-SHARE dataset using the open-source Time Series Feature Extraction Library (TSFEL):

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