We would like to thank all participants of this study. No further registrations are possible.

What is this?

From March 2010 onwards, a study on relationship between physical activity, brain function and cognitive performance will be conducted at the Institute of Sport and Sports Science and the Cognitive Systems Lab.

This is a joint research project of the KIT and the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin directed by Dr. Alexander Stahn (Center for Space Medicine, Charité), Prof. Dr. Klaus Bös ( Institute of Sport and Sports Science, KIT) and Prof. Dr. Tanja Schultz (Cognitive Systems Lab, KIT).

Aim of this study is to determine whether there is a link between physical activity or inactivity and cognitive performance.

Innovative procedures for neurophysiological, psychological and sport motoric performance diagnostics, available only at specific Research Institutes, will be used in this study. Participation will give you a special opportunity for detailed scientific feedback of your individual physiological and cognitive performance, which are closely linked to professional success and an increased performance ability in studies, as well as body composition and nutritional condition.

Study participants wanted!

For this study we are looking for 18 to 30 years old

  • non-athletic persons, who haven’t (regularly) exercised sport activities during the past 12 months and
  • athletic persons of various sports (see below), who have completed at least two training sessions or competitions per week during the past 12 months.

Sports: Running, Swimming, Apparatus Gymnastics, Tennis, Football, Basketball, Handball as well as people who exercises regularly in the gym.

The examination procedure was designed in such a way that subjects are given detailed and meaningful performance assessments within a short examination period (3 test days of approximately 1.5 – 2.5h each on the KIT campus).

  1. Each participant will get a detailed analysis of the results after successful completion of the entire test series
  2. The equivalent value of all test methods used for this study is more than 500€.
  3. Every participant will take part in a raffle

How to take part?

Interested Students and employees of the KIT have to fill out this short questionnaire helping determine if the prerequisites for participation are met. But this will be no guarantee for participation.

If qualified we will contact you to arrange 3 appointments for the tests.

In case of not being qualified, all data will completely be deleted.

For more detailed information or in case of further questions regarding your participation, please feel free to contact us (Contact: Janine Krell; +49 (0) 721-608-3299).

How the study is taking place

As part of the study, the participants will complete three test days with a duration of approximately 1,5h to 2,5h each. One test will take place at the Cognitive Systems Lab (Building 50.21), the other two at the Institute of Sport and Sports Science (Building 40.40). Both Institutes are located on the South Campus.

Content of the first test day:

  1. Registration of your motivation and personality through a questionnaire
  2. Determination of your cognitive performance with computer-based tests
  3. Performing interactive tests with a driving simulator

Expected duration: 3h

Content of the second day:

  1. Registration of your leisure activities through a questionnaire
  2. Determination of your body composition, inter alia, with the new Bod Pod
  3. Detection of your aerobic endurance

Expected duration: 2h

Content of the third day:

  1. Performing an intelligence test through a questionnaire
  2. Detection of your coordinative capabilities
  3. Determination of your maximum strength

Expected duration: 1h