Digital Transformation Strategy 2020ff

Ein Whiteboard mit bunten Post-Its zu einem Brainstorming zur Digitalisierungsstrategie

Bold Approach to Digitalization

Participatory and agile strategy development for the University of Bremen

We need perspectives which are as manifold as possible to design digital transformation at the University of Bremen so as to be sustainable and fit for purpose. A strategy process with broad participation will be used to develop a sustainable strategy for our university which nevertheless remains flexible enough to react to changing demands and conditions.

Whenever possible, this process will involve learning from good examples at other institutions, working in groups, and seeking outside advice. To this end, we already availed ourselves of the peer-to-peer strategy consulting offered by the Hochschulforum Digitalisierung (HFD) back in 2019-2020, which gave us important impetus for the further development of digital higher education at our university.


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Strategy Process

Status-Quo erheben

Assessing the Status Quo

What is the current status of digitalization at the University of Bremen?

In 2019, we compiled a Status Quo Report with our own experts at the university which shows the challenges we face and where urgent action is needed to optimize what we already have.

Leitsätze entwickeln

Developing Guiding Principles

What do we consider important for our future digital working, learning, teaching, and research?

To document what is important to us in our digital transformation, we adopted a bottom-up approach in 2020-2021 to develop guiding principles intended to serve as our compass as we digitalize our university.

Mittelfristige Ziele definieren

Defining Goals

Where do we want to go in the next few years and how will we get there?

We began in 2021, and in the course of 2022 we now want to lay down our digitalization goals for all core areas of the university, and define projects which will help us to achieve these goals.

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