CDO Team

Role of the Chief Digital Officer

The Chief Digital Officer (CDO) advises the University Executive Board on processes and organizational issues pertaining to digitalization. They assume a coordinating, integrating, and managerial function for the comprehensive digitalization of learning and teaching, research, and administration at the University of Bremen.

They hold the authority to set specialist guidelines for the implementation of the university-wide Digital Transformation Strategy 2020ff. They are responsible for the technical, organizational, and user-oriented integration and coordination of centralized digitalization activities, and the utilization of information technologies and the associated investment recommendations.

The established IT service and support facilities at the university remain the first port of call for all matters related to their particular field of work. The CDO acts as liaison between the University Executive Board, the central IT units, and representatives of those groups requiring the services.

The CDO represents the university on digitalization issues such as data protection in dealings with outside parties, for example in regard to coordination with other universities, the research authority, or national committees.


CDO Goals

The CDO Team works towards creating effective governance to organize the digital transformation. It works with the relevant stakeholders to develop the strategic goals and manages their implementation at the university, giving special consideration to the needs of the users and the university-wide Strategy 2018-2028.


Current Projects

Here is an overview of the current projects being tackled by the CDO Team.

Ein Bild vom Team-CDO mit Corona-Masken


CDO Team

The CDO Team consists of Prof. Dr.. Andreas Breiter (CDO) and Dr.. Christina Gloerfeld (Science Manager for Digital Transformation).

The Staff Unit for Strategic Initiatives (SPE) provides them with the support they need for their work.



ECO5, Room 3.91
Am Fallturm 1
28359 Bremen
Tel.: +49 421 218 60042

Ein Foto von Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter, Chief Digital Officer der Universität Bremen


Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter

has been Chief Digital Officer since April 1, 2020. 

Andreas Breiter is professor of applied computer science. His main field of research is information and knowledge management in education, and he is also Scientific Director of the Institute for Information Management Bremen GmbH (ifib). His research focuses on digital transformation processes in education and administration institutions. Between 2015 and 2020, he was Vice President Research at the University of Bremen.

Ein Foto vom Dr. Christina Gloerfeld. Wissenschaftsmanagerin für Digitale Transformation


Dr. Christina Gloerfeld

has been Science Manager for Digital Transformation since January 1, 2021.

She studied applied social sciences, communication science, and business administration/marketing. After working as a media and communication planner, she moved to Hagen Distance-Learning University to the philosophy of education and media education research field, undertaking research and teaching in various projects on the digitalization of teaching-learning processes in different educational contexts, and completing her doctoral studies on the impact of digitalization on teaching and learning processes.