Student-based Film Projects

Part of the Focus Area in Visual Anthropology includes regular practical seminars on Ethnographic Film, documentary film-making, audio-visual storytelling and Sensorial Anthropology. IfEK students get to develop skills in audio-visual media which they’re able to use throughout the length of their course and which also qualify them for careers in the media. The BA in Cultural Research and MA in Transcultural Studies also offer students the possibility of completing coursework and final practicals in the form of film productions, videos, radio features, podcasts or other audio-visual output. This option is available both for the BA and MA, and for PhD students. If you take this option you’re generally required to submit an accompanying paper containing further contextual treatment of your work. This page presents a number of audio-visual projects produced by former students.


Students in their natural habitats

The short film "Students in their natural habitat" provides a satirical look into anthropology and fieldwork. The Indiana Jones cliché of anthropology as a media-driven quest for ‘foreign’ and ‘exotic’ adventures is delved into. The film’s central focus is a self-critical confrontation with exotisization and the explorer / discoverer spirit associated with the field.


Production: Merlin Pratsch and Bilge Alp Yildirim

Year: 2013/14

Duration: 3 min

Through the day with students of cultural studies

Hippie pants, dreadlocks and club mate - the typical cultural studies student? An insight into the different everyday life of three students of the University of Bremen in the subject Cultural Studies.

A film by: Bengt-Magnus Meyer, Birte Nienke, Raissa van der Borst
Musik: Alexander Reuter (geschützt durch Creative Commons Lizenz)

Year: 2015

Duration: 11 min

Windhoek Storytelling

Students at the University of Namibia and Bremen University authored and produced three short films on the subject of "Post-Colonial Legacies" during a two-day Visual Storytelling Workshop in Windhoek, Namibia. The film explored how the colonial legacy impacts the everyday lives of participants. The participatory film workshop was led by Martin Gruber.

Production, Camerawork, Editing:

Tangeni Allan, Eben-Dean Broekstein, Inacia Chikoti, Quinn-Leigh Kusch, Dean Muhinda, Tare Mwakipesile, Namupa Nghixulifwa, Franziska Redeker, Bertha Shifeta, Elizabeth Shinana, Faith Ziunye

Year: 2019

Duration: 13 min