General Studies

General Studies (GS) allows students to focus on and deepen knowledge in specialist areas of interest. As such you can develop your own study profile while giving weight to particular subject areas. Even though the MATS program doesn’t specifically offer GS, you can still gain credits in GS through Module 4 (Independent Studies) or Module 8/9/10 (the obligatory electives) as well as by attending lectures in other subjects i.e. General Studies offerings in Faculty 09 or the complementary subject group areas. GS courses attended will be documented in the final Degree Certificate.

GS can be taken in the following areas:

  • MATS M4
  • MATS Obligatory Electives (M8910)
  • Kuwi Complementary Coursese.g. Kuwi-Capacities as a Blended-Learning Module
  • Studies and Careere.g.Cultural Management
  • Transdisciplinary offerings e.g. on Diversity and Anti-discrimination
  • Other disciplines
  • Language skills e.g. courses at the Foreign Language Center
  • Core skills e.g. in digital media
  • University-wide and academic engagement
  • Department- or Subject-specific offerings,e.g. Topic Term

Do you have questions, e.g.

  • How to choose specializations in the curriculum?
  • What´s missing from regular teaching – what else would I like to attend?
  • Where can I find information on further courses and study-relevant resources?

Please contact the services for General Studiesat Faculty 09

See also: support face-to-face and Handout: General Studies for MATS students