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MAPEX-CF Workshop – Functional Oxides: synthesis, analysis, and characterization

June 9-10, 2022
Registrations closed

Developed within the investigation areas ‘Spectroscopy” and “X-ray Diffraction”, the workshop intents to connect researchers working on the topic “Functional Oxides”, and provide different perspectives ranging from synthesis and characterization to the applications of such materials.

In this workshop, scientists from different research institutions will share their research with a multidisciplinary audience. The event will offer:

  • An overview lecture about investigations of model catalysts
  • Invited talks by experts from different research fields
  • Guided visits through the laboratories present at the University of Bremen/MAPEX-CF

Aims and scope

A large variety of oxides can be considered functional materials, while their vast potential applications can have a profound impact on society. The workshop will cover hot topics such as

  • Synthesis of nanoparticle oxides
  • Thin-film and single-crystal growth
  • Structure-property relationships
  • Advanced characterization techniques
  • Theoretical and experimental combined approaches for structure determination


The workshop will take place in person at the University of Bremen campus. Participants will also be able to follow the talks via Zoom. A social gathering will close the first day of the event while on the second day a guided laboratory tour will take place, where the participants will be able to see the state-of-the-art instrumentation available at the MAPEX-CF.

Registrations are closed!



Preliminary program


Session A - Synthesis and characterization I, Thursday 09.06.2022


Welcome and organization matters

Prof. Dr. Jens Falta

Dr. Guilherme Dalla Lana Semione


IV-LEEM investigations of model catalysts

Prof. Dr. Jan Ingo Flege

Brandenburg University of Technology

Grazing incidence XAFS studies of ultrathin oxides

Prof. Dr. Lindsay R. Merte

Malmö University
10:30Coffee break

Surface structure of spinels: the role of defects

Prof. Dr. Andreas Stierle

Deutsche Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY/University of Hamburg

Using dynamic impedance spectroscopy to understand the kinetic limitations of lithium manganese oxide cathodes for thin-film batteries

Prof. Dr. Fabio La Mantia

University of Bremen


Structural, electronic and magnetic properties of ultrathin epitaxial ferrite films

Prof. Dr. Joachim Wollschläger

University of Osnabrück

12:30End of first session and lunch break


Session B - Synthesis and characterization II, Thursday 09.06.2022


Average structure models and their pitfalls

Dr. Lars Robben

University of Bremen

Combing Quantum Chemistry and experimentally measured Pair Distribution Function for Global Structure Optimization

Dr. Wilke Dononelli

University of Bremen

Characterization of materials using solid state spectroscopy

Dr. M. Mangir Murshed

University of Bremen
15:30Coffee break

Zeolite structures by 3D electron diffraction

Dr. Paul Klar

FZU Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences

3D-PDF analysis of cubic stabilized zirconia

Prof. Dr. Ella Schmidt

University of Bremen
17:00End of the second session

Social event

Haus am Walde
Kuhgrabenweg 2
28359 Bremen


Session C - Application, Friday 10.06.2022


Flame made oxide materials and their functionality

Dr. Suman Pokhrel

University of Bremen


Oxide ceramic matrix composites: combining high strength and chemical resistance with damage tolerance

Dr. Renato Almeida

University of Bremen


Functional oxides in hybrid nanostructures

Prof. Dr. Martin Eickhoff

University of Bremen

Coffee break and Laboratory tours

Electron Microscopy - Prof. Dr. Andreas Rosenauer

Spectroscopy - Prof. Dr. Jens Falta

X-ray Diffraction - Prof. Dr. Thorsten Gesing, Prof. Dr. Ella Schmidt