XRM - Advanced imaging techniques

Here, we introduce selected advanced imaging techniques and unique equipment of the Zeiss Xradia 520 Versa 3D X-ray microscope.


Propagation-based phase contrast imaging

The distinct X-ray microscope beam optic allows to move both source and detector far from the sample while still achieving high magnification. This constellation engages the propagation phase contrast mode, which by detecting Fresnel diffraction fringes allows to image the interfaces of different patches or grains consisting of the same material.

Propagation-based phase contrast imaging - XRM

Deben mechanical test stage

The XRM lab is equipped with a Deben mechanical testing stage, which allows X-ray microsopy surveillance of in-situ experiments in one of the three modes: Compression, tension, and indentation. For mechanical in-situ observations, the XRM personnel will modify the XRM sample setup to host the testing stage, and will accompany the mechanical testing experiments.

Illustration of an experiment with the Deben Stage inside XRM