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Mechanical Testing Laboratory (Department of Mechanical Properties)

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General information

  • Investigation area
  • Techniques
    Mechanical testing
  • Manufacturer
  • Measured quantity
    limit loads, elastic properties, fatigue strength, crack growth rates
  • Main application
    Mechanical testing of metals; static tests (tension and compression), fatigue tests (tension, compression, torsion, rotating/alternating bending), test of rolling bearings, crack growth measurement, digital image correlation

Instrument specification

  • Technical aspects

    20 vibration testing machines covering different load and frequency ranges;3 rollover test stands for rolling bearings; ultrasonic pulser testing up to 20 kHz; alternating and pulsating loads; digital image evaluation (ARAMIS); system for recording crack growth rates.


Instrument location

  • Group
    Department of Mechanical Properties
  • Room
    Halle 2A, Raum 0200
  • Institute
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