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General information

  • Investigation area
  • Techniques
    Materials Modeling
  • Manufacturer
    Megware Computer GmbH
  • Fabrication year
  • Measured quantity
    Any computable quantity. Due to the wide range of applications and users it is not possible to be more specific.
  • Main application
    Compute cluster for a wide range of theoretical investigations of materials properties, theoretical physics and theoretical chemistry.
  • High-throughtput analysis

Instrument specification

  • Technical aspects

    - 54 compute nodes with 64 Intel Xeon 8362 cores, 512 GByte RAM

    – 4 GPU nodes with 4 Nvidia A100 GPUs each, 48 Intel Xeon 6342, 512 GByte RAM

    - 8 fat nodes with 64 Intel Xeon 8362 cores and 2 TByte of RAM

    – all nodes connected to high performance network with RDMA capability (Cornelis Omni-Path 100 Gbit/s)

    – BeeGFS scratch storage with 120 TByte

    – Operating System Rocky Linux 9


Instrument location

  • Building
    Green IT Housing Center
  • Faculty
    MAPEX Center for Materials and Processes
  • Institute University
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