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Parameter Optimization in High-Throughput Testing for Structural Materials

Alexander Bader, Anastasiya Toenjes, Nicole Wielki, Andreas Mändle, Ann-Kathrin Onken, Axel von Hehl, Daniel Meyer, Werner Brannath, Kirsten Tracht

Materials (2019) 12, 3439

High-throughput screenings are established evaluation methods in the development of functional materials and pharmaceutical active ingredients. The transfer of this approach to the development of structural materials requires extensive adaptations. In addition to the investigation of new test procedures for the determination of material properties and the treatment of metallic materials, the design of experiments is a research focus. Based on given descriptor target values, the statistical design of experiments determines investigations and treatments for the investigation of these materials. In this context, process parameters also have to be determined, as these have a major influence on the later material properties, especially during the treatment of samples. In this article, a method is presented which determines the process parameters iteratively. The validation of the calculated process parameters takes place based on differential scanning calorimetry used as the furnace for the heat treatment of small batches and particle-oriented peening as the characterization method.

workflow Figure
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